27 October 2019

Athlete Sponsorship


The team has been supporting racers since its inception in 2009, then known as UK-Biking, and over the years the team has grown significantly, both in numbers and results.

We are very lucky to have a very stable and long running relationship with our sponsors, many of whom play an active part in the team.

All of this has led to Cycleworks Race Team become one of the best all-round amateur teams in the country, with countless wins and podiums, including a few national champs!


As with any sponsored setup, our goal is results and marketing, to provide maximum exposure to our amazing sponsors. However, we are also passionate about supporting athletes with their racing goals. We have a number of elite level athletes, but also support developing junior and less experienced athletes. To this end we offer a number of sponsorship programmes:

Podium Programme
You are challenging for podiums at regional and national levels, in an elite/advanced category. You will have a very thorough training regime and your season targets will be national and even international events. Team subscription is optional at this level (especially if you are not local to the shop).
Racer Programme
You are ideally based around East Dorset (exceptions are considered) and one of the "fast riders" and known racers in the area. You have good race experience, a full race calendar and can hold your own towards the front of races. Examples are red group riders at Moreton, British Cycling 2nd cat standard, Expert mtb category (or age group equivalent standard), etc..
Development Programme
You are a rider local to the shop and an intermediate level racer. Examples are Moreton blue group, BC 3rd cat standard, sport mtb category (or age group equivalent standard), etc..


We don't tend to put numbers on things, but whatever the level of sponsorship, all athletes are expected to have a full race and training programme. If you are only racing a few times a year you are still welcome to race with us but sponsorship won't be an option.
It is important for our sponsor riders to promote the shop, the team and it’s sponsors (and yourself!) via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). It is mandatory to have an account with at least one of these and use it regularly! We strongly recommend that you set up accounts on all three platforms. You will also be provided with an athlete blog on the website which we ask that you use to post on and share to social.
Tip: Add photos to Instagram and then share them to Twitter and Facebook.
You will also (very occasionally) be asked to help out at shop and team events.
In return, athletes can expect to be provided with one of the best looking kits around, a generous shop discount and whatever additional support we are able offer.
The team is a very determined but friendly bunch of people. We take our sport seriously but not always ourselves. Primadonnas won't fit in well! 


If this all sounds like something you feel is up your street, then we want to hear from you.  We normally organise sponsorship in October each year, but can accept applications whenever.
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