13 March 2017

Last weekend saw Wasing Park, Aldemaston host the inaugural round of the new TrailX Duathlon series on Saturday, followed by the much anticipated opening round of the 2017 Southern XC series on the Sunday.

The TrailX race was well put together and was a 'get round it if you can' for some and proper racing for others, with Simon and Andy representing the the UKB team.

A proper tough 5k trail run complete with river crossing and cows, followed by 4 laps of the full XC course then back out for another 5k trail run. After 2 hours 20 mins plus with some tough competitors they were completely done, finishing with Simon in 5th and Andy in 6th in the vets category.

After a night of rain the Sunday XC race was a decidedly more muddy affair! In the Expert race Ross and Olly endured the sloppy conditions to get their season off to a good start with 6th and 14th respectively. Baz was back from recent shoulder surgery and took an impressive 9th against strong competition in the grand vets race. In the junior race Josh came to a grinding halt with the increasingly sticky conditions!