6 May 2019

We are absolutely delighted to announce the new Bournemouth Cycleworks - Vitec Fire - Ford Civil Race Team, powered by Trek!

10 years ago a bunch of friends got together, ordered some matching kit and went racing in it under the name of UK-Biking. Fast forward to 2019 and the team has grown year on year, achieving numerous wins at both regional and national level, including national championships. These are not just gained in our initial focus of XC and Road, but also in TT, Track, Duathlon, Triathlon and Enduro.

So it seems fitting that this anniversary marks the dawn of a new era for us. In the last 3 years we have been supported by Bournemouth Cycleworks, who quite frankly, have been an amazing sponsor. This relationship now evolves, with the UK-Biking brand disappearing over the course of the next few weeks and the team becoming the shop trade team. In addition to sponsored team, we will also be launching a new club too. Further details on this to follow in due course.

Last year Bournemouth Cycleworks supported a number of athletes from another local race team who had lost their shop sponsor. These individuals will also now come across to form part of the shop team. Both teams have been riding and racing closely for the last 12 months and it is very satisfying to now all be under the same team name.

All the success we have had over the years could not have been at all possible without our incredible sponsors. With that in mind we would like to say a very big thank you to Hill & Son Ford Service, who have supported us from the very beginning and continue to do so going forward. 

For 2019 our sponsors Vitec Ceilings and Partitions and Ford Civil have both increased their investment in the team to become title sponsors. This is allowing us to support the ambitions of almost 40 supported athletes. That is a big team by any standards! I W Price and Partners, Manuel Builders, Gibbs & Dandy and in8 Creative Design also continue to support the team and joining them in new sponsor AJN Electrical. We are so grateful for their incredible support and look forward to having them along on our exiting new venture.

Trek and Bontrager will also be continuing to support the team as equipment sponsors. From what we hear there is a lot of exciting things to come from them this year!

To help our athletes achieve their goals we have partnered with Next Level Endurance Coaching and BourneFit Personal Training.

These partnerships have been established since the start of the year and have already help achieve notable success for the athletes involved.

So without further ado, we are proud to present the 2019 sponsored team riders:

Andrew Smith
Bob Ford
Carol Tilley
Chris Wilson
Christian Shubart Knapton
Dani Humphrey
George Creasey
Jamie Witcher
Jon Clemas
Julia Hamlyn
Kate Bowers
Luke Monahan
Marc McHale
Naomi Shinkins
Phillip Cole
Roland Tilley
Ross Smith
Sam Humphrey
Stephen Corbyn
Steve Moors
Stu King
Tony Revell
Zak Snell

and supported club riders for 2019 are:

Andy Witheford
Barry White
Ben Hargreaves
Bill Hayes
Chris Archer
Gregg Meade
Jacob Whitney
James Meakin
Malcolm Scott
Mark Chadbourne
Richard Irvine
Simon Davis
Simon Lesser
Steve Atkins


Richard Lang
Marc McHale
Garrett Hill

In addition to this, a number of our club riders will be taking part in races and events over the course of the year.